Jochen Kursawe

DPhil student in mathematical biology

September 2012: Master's degree in Physics at the Technical University of Munich

October 2012 - present: Dphil student at the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology

Research Interests: 

I am a DPhil student in mathematical biology, supervised by Alex Fletcher, Ruth Baker, Radek Erban, and Philip Maini. The title of my thesis is ‘Tissue size control through patterned apoptosis’. I am developing computational models of growing epithelial tissues with the aim to identify and understand fundamental mechanisms that underlie size control in developmental biology. In order to design a realistic model of tissue growth we closely collaborate with Prof. Jeremiah Zartman at the department for chemical and biomolecular engineering at the Unversity of Notre Dame. Together with 2020 science (Rémi Bardenet and Alex Fletcher) I work on algorithms to track cells in live microscopy videos of epithelial sheets.