Alan Johnston

Professor of Psychology, UCL

Alan Johnston is the Director of CoMPLEX and was previously Head of the Department of Psychology at UCL. He is a member of Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and a Honorary Professor at Nottingham University. He also leads an interdisciplinary network Vision@UCL. He has had 30 years experience in experimental psychology, neurobiology of vision and computational modelling. He spent a year (2003-4) on a MRC Discipline Hopping grant in the Centre for Mathematical Biology and the Robotics Group at the University of Oxford. His work has been supported by the MRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the Wellcome Trust, HFSP, EU, the ARC and NTT and he is a co-PI on the CoMPLEX DTC (>£5M). He has published over 80 journal articles including 3 in Nature

Research Interests: 

I study the perceptual mechanisms that underlie our capacity to see movement, depth and form. My interests range from the computational modeling of image motion processing to the capture, representation and perception of facial movement. Current projects include the perception of global motion, the analysis of dynamic facial motion, time perception and shape from shading.


2009-2011       “NTT-UCL collaboration grant” NTT, Japan. £30K

2008-2011       “Analysing dynamic change in faces” EPSRC - (£735K with Profs McOwan and Heyes) 

2008-2013         CoMPLEX DTC, EPSRC (£4.2M with Prof Pomiankowski et al)

2009-2012       “Face-space: linking three-dimensional shape and human perception across changing viewing conditions” ARC ($160K with CI H. Hill & Dr P Claes)

2010-2013       “Psychophysical Investigation of Visual Time Perception” Wellcome Trust (£175K)

2011-2016       “A New Approach to Science at the Life Science Interface” with A Pomiankowski, P Coveney UCL, Oxford and Microsoft Research (£1.7M, UCL; £6.4M total)


Contact Email: 
a [dot] johnston [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk