First Paper Hackathon on Computational Life Sciences: How Did it Go?

Paper Hackathon group photoThe Paper Hackathon was a great success. To read about the event and the projects that came out it, take a look at the blog post Derek Groen wrote on the Software SustainabiIity website. We are hoping to fund follow up meetings for each of the projects to ensure these collaborations continue to succeed.

21 people attended the Paper Hackathon from a range of backgrounds with the following projects being targeted.

Project #1 - A software reproducibility investigation. Led by Joanna Lewis, proposed by Jonathan Cooper.

Project #2 - A comparison of code development approaches and techniques in academia. Led by James Osborne and Derek Groen, proposed by James Osborne.

Project #3 - A study of animal/cell dispersal. Led and proposed by Maria Bruna.

Project #4 - A protocol paper on Bayesian inference of animal receptor models. Led and proposed by Ben Calderhead and Zhuoyi Song.

Project #5 – A lattice-Boltzmann solver written in JULIA. Led by Mayeul D'Avezac, proposed by James Hetherington.