Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Our Fellows have just published a paper in PLOS Computational Biology to help make cross-disciplinary collaborations more successful. Read the full text here.

Prof. Philip Maini elected FRS

Congratulations to Professor Philip Maini who has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

First Paper Hackathon on Computational Life Sciences: How Did it Go?

Derek Groen and Joanna Lewis (both 2020 fellows) organised a Paper Hackathon event, with support from both the Software Sustainability Institute and 2020 Science. The highly ambitious goal was to write a scientific draft paper over the course of two and a half days within a highly informal setting. Did we manage to accomplish that? In many of the projects we did!

Royal Society's Inaugural Issue of 'Open Science'

2020 Science Fellow, Dr. Alex Fletcher, was on hand to help support the inaugural issue of the Royal Society's new journal Open Science. Dr. Fletcher is co-author on Oxygen Consumption Dynamics in Steady-State Tumour Models within the first issue and was also interviewed by the Royal Society about the collaborative work and the importance of open science.

Wiggles in the crypt

2020 Science Fellow, Alexander Fletcher, is co-author on a new research paper which looks at the quantification of human intestinal stem cell dynamics from wiggles in the crypt. The full article can be found in the latest issue of Cell Reports.